Special Offers

Pincho di Carni or Pincho di Pollo

Served with bread, marinated veggies,
Garlic- and cocktail sauce.

1 Pincho = $ 29.00
2 Pinchos =$ 50.00

Romantic Table Grill for 2*

Beef tenderloin, Chicken thigh fillet, Pork tenderloin, shrimp skewer and the Catch of the day

Marinated potato wedges
Garlic -and Cocktail sauce

Herb butter and banquette

$ 48.50

Side Dishes:
Frensh Fries   $3.50
Bread (3pc) $3.50
Marinated Veggies $3.50

*: Table grill needs to be reserved before 12.00 AM because of  special preparations.